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The Silver Hearts


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123 King St W



$8 AGH Members

$10 Students-Seniors

$12 General

if you haven't seen these guys, see them... theramin guy, saw bowing girl, trombone, table leaping keyboard/trumpet playing singer...

8 or 9 band members... somewhere between Tom Waits and a New Orleans funeral march/Dixieland stomp... fantastic stuff... one of a kind...

they aren't usually so expensive but if you've ever seen a show in the Hamilton Art Gallery you'll know why... classy, great sounding room... will finish in lots of time for Jomomma at PJC if you're feeling rich enough...

if not, watch for em coming to a town near you!

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Thought I'd bring this to the top as the show is tonight..

I saw The Silver Hearts last night and they were sounding great as usual. As fun as it would be to see them at the Art Gallery, there is nothing like seeing this band at a warm drunken hole of a venue like The Montreal House in Peterborough, full of character and oddity.

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