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Your Band Sucks


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WE WON!!!!!!


Uhhhh, wait a sec..........

I think they won.

Hmm, maybe they didnt?

Alright, alright, alright. "Something said, not good."

Oh wait, maybe it's good.....yeah, it's definitely good, but we didnt win?

They didnt either?

Spare a swill?

Days Between, Kung................ [big Grin]

(And I dont mean that 'other' Days Between, cause your favorite band sucks [Wink] )

Frig, I gotta either shit, or get off the pot.

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I'm definately going to start using drainbow. I'll start weekly, and then move on to daily usage. I may even jump right in and use it once today.

I may even try and use the word "Irregardless" and see how many people correct me. Isn't that word part of a huge underground debate?

Irregardless (one down), good article.

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