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Welcome to the new look and feel of the Sanctuary. It's loaded with new features that I haven't even begun to uncover yet. Notable, you can now select certain forums as your favorites, and everyone has a sort of personalized home page called 'My Home' which consolidates all of your profile tools and configured options.

Take a moment and visit your 'My Home' page and configure your profile with all of the new settings. Add your birthday and it will show up on the calendar. Also, you can fill out a few more fields in your profile to let people know what you like and dislike. "Favorite Band", "Favorite Album", and "Instrument" are among the new personal details.

This place will probably endure a few tweaks and changes over the coming weeks, so if you see anything weird going on, it will probably pass. If it continues, email sanctuary@jambands.ca and let me know what's going on.

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Think I may have it now...I had to do some re-configurin' on my firewall so that I could post..lol.

Seems I got it figured out now,according to the preview. ::

Cheers on the new format,looks good,avatars are a bit blurry (some),but all looks great.

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I was stuck last night from posting but I could read the site without any problems,so just in case anyone is not able to post or sent messages but can read things here,it is due to your firewall.

I found this solution online:


Those people who get the following message when trying to post [color:"red"]"The host you are trying to send the input from is not a valid host". . should please follow these instructions:


If you are running a proxy server, using a home network with a proxy server or

using Windows XP with a Firewall, you may have problems using this site. Instead of getting pages from our site, you may be getting cached pages from your hard drive or from your ISP. To solve this issue, you must clear out the page cashe and disable it. See the technical instructions below for your browser.

[color:"red"] Problem - any one or more of the following :

* Users cannot see new content, even after they have just posted it.

* Users do not appear to be able to log in.

* Some users report that the light bulbs/new post count is not working correctly.

[color:"red"] Cause :

This is most likely caused by the web browser drawing pages from either a local disk cache or a cache at the ISP or Firewall level.

[color:"red"]Resolution :

[color:"blue"]A . Internet Explorer through the 5 series:

* Select Tools -> Internet Options -> Temporary Internet Files section

* Click "Settings" and enable the option "Every visit to the page"

NOTE: Now is a good time to limit the number of megabytes that Internet Explorer has to store pages on your hard disk, its default is 1% of your total hard disk size. Consider reducing that down to 10 Megabytes at this time.

* Click "OK"

* Click "Delete Files"

* Click "OK"

[color:"blue"] B . Internet Explorer 6 Series

* Tools -> Internet Options

Privacy Tab

* Click "Advanced"

* Ensure settings are the following:

-> "Override automatic cookie handling" - CHECKED

->First party Cookies:

ACCEPT - selected

->Third-party Cookies:

BLOCK - selected

-> "Always allow session cookies" - user discretion

* This allows the UBB to work as designed while still blocking potentially malicious third

party cookies.

* In addition, the Ultimate Bulletin Board™ can **NOT** exist within a frameset. Internet Explorer often sees the UBB within the frameset as a "third party" and will block the


[color:"blue"] C . Netscape:

* Select Edit -> Preferences -> Click the '+' next to "Advanced"

* Select "Cache"

* Menu on the right says "Document in cache is compared to Document on network:"

->"Once Per session"

->"Every time"


* Choose "Every Time"

* Click "OK"

[color:"red"] Additional Information :

If you are using a cable modem, please contact your cable modem provider to discuss the page cache that they may be running on the system. Be prepared to use an alternate provider (dial up) as a test of the page cache if they are indeed running one. Many hosts with cache systems claim that they are 'transparent' when that is not the case.

Also know that many large ISP's around the country will run cache servers that only clear out at scheduled intervals. This can affect performance regionally and make content fail to show up correctly for your users in these areas where the cache has not cleared for awhile.

( Copied from the InfoPop tech support website )

[color:"red"] Problem - When trying to make a post or reply, you receive a "this is not a valid host" error message .

You may need to make an adjustment to your Norton Internet Security Software. I believe this is included with Windows XP.

[color:"red"] For Norton Internet Security :

1. Open Norton Internet Security.

2. Click Options.

3. Click Internet Security (or Personal Firewall).

4. Click Advanced Options.

5. Click the Web tab.

6. Click Add Site. A new site/domain box appears.

7. Enter the url of the site that you want to receive the referrer information (www.ThisSite.com) and click OK. That site name appears in the left frame of the Advanced Options window.

8. Click the name of the new site.

9. Click the Privacy tab.

10. Check the "Use these rules for..." box.

11. Change the Referrer from "Block" to "Allow."

12. Click Apply, and then click OK.

13. Click OK to close the Options window.

[color:"red"] For ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0 or newer :

1. Begin at ZoneAlarm Pro Control Center (if ZAP is minimized to tray, simply right click on the "ZA" symbol and choose "Restore ZoneAlarm Pro Control Center".)

2. From left-hand column, choose "Privacy" (below "Alerts & Logs" and above "Email Protection".)

3. Click menu tab that says "Site List" (next to "Main", under "Help", in right-hand corner.)

4. Click on "Add" button on bottom right corner of Control Center (above "Options".)

5. A box pops up that says "Add sites to your privacy list by entering the URL below" and then asks for "URL".

Type in the URL for the site like: www.ThisSite.com

6. Click "OK".

7. Locate the site you just entered in the list of sites and right click anywhere on that line. You are given the choice of "Remove" and "Options". Choose "Options".

8. You are given the options for the site you just entered. Under the "Cookies" menu, go to the "3rd Party Cookies" section. Uncheck "Remove Private Header Information". Click "Apply" at bottom. Click "OK" at bottom.

If you actually made it through, you should now be able to post at the site you entered without having to disable ZAP or getting the "invalid host" error.

[color:"red"] Problem - any one or more of the following :

* Users claim they can log in correctly, get to their "My Home", but as soon as they click on any link they are logged back out. This means they can't post, send PM's, etc.

[color:"red"] Cause :

Every time I've encountered this scenario, the user's computer was set to the wrong date.

[color:"red"]Resolution :

Check the date on your computer.


1. Double-click on the Time down in the lower right-hand corner of your screen


2. Use the Start menu:

Click Start and choose Settings, then Control Panel.

Double-click the Date and Time icon.

[color:"red"] Mac :

1. From the Apple menu, choose Control Panels.

2. Double-click the Date & Time control panel icon.

If the date is wrong, fix it! The problem is that UBB.threads is placing the cookie on the user's computer, but as soon as they click a link and threads tries to find the cookie, it has already expired (because their computer thinks it's months in the future.)

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change makes me panic.

hahaha. just kidding. at first it felt like i was visiting a whole new (cyber)world, but i'm getting used to the new layout. :) i have a feeling all these added features i haven't even begun to uncover will come in quite handy!

big brother factor is a little frightening though. :: went to see who's online, and with all the info shown in there, i half expected "wearing orange sweater & absent mindedly twirling hair around left finger" to be included. haha.

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Is it possible to display more than 10 threads per page? It may be a personal option but I cant' find it anywhere.

It was always easy to read through a list of topics and choose your thread to read, while ignoring some of the garbage. Now with only 10 per screen you're always using the numbers at the bottom to move around.

I like the new look though. The look and functionality are great!


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The graphix were done really fast by me last night to get the forums running for monday. They are going to be updated soon, and probably way cool.

[color:"purple"]AVATARS can now be uploaded by users who need it hosted. I haven't tested it yet, but it should be a nice new feature.

I haven't really had a chance to poke around too much as I just spent all my time getting this place working and creating the style.

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thanks for all the hard work.......

along what palace princess said...the big [color:"black"] brother factor is a bit frightening......but will come in great for alibis.

one more thing...can we also have the old happy/sad faces back??? I mean everyone knows when someone is smiling really wide their face is supposed to be green! ::

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