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Uncle Seth MP3 downloads from last night!

Mr. Musicface

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Hey all y'all! I've just been updating the Uncle Seth website and have put up some soundboards of last night's Rivoli set at:


A few notes about the show:

* The recording was made by the soundman off a direct feed to his CD-R. Otherwise I know nothing of the gear used. The only modification I made to the files was to cut them appropriately for each song.

* This was part of the Emergenza Festival, a sort of battle-of-the-bands deal. Thus, the band was limited to a 25 minute set, so jamming was very minimal compared to what the band normally does live. Also they were using house amps & drums, so they sounded a bit more "heavy metal" than usual.

* Most interesting moment of the night: during Mark's drum solo, he hit Jeff's guitar and Attila's bass while they fretted stuff! It was a very neat effect, the bass-part in particular was reminiscent of the stuff Tony Levin and Jerry Marotta have done with Gabriel (see the bridge of Big Time for the best studio example.)

Anyway, enough of my yackin', happy downloadin'! [big Grin]


Mr. M.

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