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Burt Neilson in Canmore...


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Oh my god...I'm still thinking about the show from last night. Simply an awesome experience. The Ho was absolutely ELECTRIC last night. Id have to guess that there were a couple hundred people there, and most were there for BNB. The crowd was SO pumped and the band seemed even more pumped to play. SO many friends were there, smiling, groovin', laughing and seriously enjoying the reunion of two legendary parts of our scene: The Ho + BNB. Lots of first-timers and lots of seasoned Ho vets were present.

Songs that I can remember being played: In the Belly, Chevron, Down With the Sound, Have a Cigar, Don't Do it (Baby Don't Do it), By the Door, Jack Lumber, The Bench, Fresco Lopez, Palace, Frankenstein, Yellow Pants, Speedbump, Stop 28.

Highlights for me were (the entire night was amazing) Chevron and In the Belly. Chevron has always been my favorite song, but the version last night was probably the best Ive heard, hands down. The basic song is still there, but the "breakdown" or jam section of the song was totally reworked (getting goose bumps thinking about it!!) and sounded so fresh I almost fell on the floor in shock. Totally new sounds that took lots of people by pleasant surprise.

In the Belly was pretty much the clincher of the whole night. You'll have to get the disc and listen to the song to know why.

The party was in full swing 'in the rooms above the bar' and as usual, anything goes at the Ho. I remember Mike from BNB coming out of the can and saying something like "holy shit, there are even people partying on the roof outside..I love it"


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