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Beastie Boys Criterion Collection DVD

zimmerman pt3

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does any1 own this? when I first received it, I was truly dissapointed it didn't include ALL their videos; I understand they're ashamed of the earlier License to Ill vids, but keeping back Jimmy James and Time for Livin' off Check Your Head is a bummer.

But until I discovered that you can play the videos with a selection of remixes, I was blown away; plus the multi-angle display is tight (check out Shake Your Rump's).

They even included an OLD SCHOOL vid from the Polly Wog Stew ep dayz(1982)>> WOW

What the hell are these guys up to these days? Last I heard they released an anti-Bush tune that was pretty good.

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i don't own this one, but i have seen it before. you're right, the camera angle changing option is totally cool. my friend mark & i had a blast once making our own beastie boys videos by changing the view to our preference, it was hilarious.

i was starting to think they had gotten old and fat and retired (what the hell, i thought you had more rhymes than grey hairs!), HOWEVER, how's this for super duper exciting, rumour has it their **** NEW ALBUM *** is set for a release date of june 13th (or around there).



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