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StonedFree, TMJ and pigs...


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stonedfree, i sent you a pm but 'my home' says i have no sent pm's... hmmmm, i did uncheck the box that said keep copy, and read confirmation, but.... anyways, gimme a call in lindsay if you wanna hook up thurs for antibalas 705.878.1201

anyone ever have a TMJ disorder? (temporo-mandibular joint)..i cant seem to close my mouth all the way so my teeth touch. it is connected to an earache, and sometimes hurts to chew. my doctor gave me antibiotics, but i dont think i have an infection. any suggestions? friends at school said they've seen this cured through chiropractic or massage therapy? ..could it be stress related (who me, stress?) anyways, ive tried smoking pot, but this worsens the deal... its a pain to chew all those sourkids and gummie bears.

oh yeah, im a flash expert now. my first animation

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