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look at me!!!


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Ha Ha....I am not picking my nose! If I was I would make it way more obvious, so its funny. I have a nose ring though, and it looks funny all fuzzy in the pic now. I also don't even really look like that anymore.... I cut my dreads. :( maybe its time to change the picture, seeing as I'm getting made fun of. ;)

You look like my friend Ben from Toronto... are you him? Doubt it, but its worth a try. ::

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It felt so good! Mine were really long and heavy though, so i was getting headaches from them. Now.... no more headaches makes one happy girl! ::

I miss them once in a while, but I work outside and get dirty and sweaty in the summer, so it's better without them.

The worst part is that you have to re-learn how to dance... I still swing my head around, but it looks funny without the dreads.

Also, people react differently. Dreads tend to attract cool people, but I like it that it's not my looks that are making me meet new cool people.... its my wonderful personality! ;)

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