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A fun online game - Kingdoms 4.0


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So I came across this online game the other day and started playing it. It's a war strategy game with some role playing elements. Basicly you create your kingdom, and you have so many turns each day (you get 2 turns every 5 min) to build a better Kingdom and attack the others. It's fun and not very demanding because you just pop in each day and use your turns, then wait till tomorrow. There aren't any graphics so it's pretty stealthy, a great way to start your day if you work in an office.

It's pretty simple, there isn't really a whole lot to it. Train your military, build structures, and pillage the other Kingdoms.

It reminds me a lot of those old BBS games if anyone around here rememebers those or even knows what the hell a bbs is...

Check it out.


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I somehow started out with over 2000 turns when I signed up the other week...went through them 100 at a time,have about 500 left.

But no new turns showing,still sitting at the 500 count,I hadn't played it for a week and saw nothing new develop.

Perhaps I'm doing somthing wrong?

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hmmm... Try using up all your turns, I generally use 100 at a time. Your supposed to get two new turns every 5 min. Usually when I get in in the morning I have about 450.

Maybe the clock doesn't start ticking on your kingdom until you've used all your turns... It takes a couple of days of using all your turns before you starting seeing things happen.

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Hmmm..perhaps,I see what transpires.

I have a total of 5000+ years in exsistence,many buildings/gates etc built (and a few pending)

Maybe it just happen to hit it right at 500 turns every time..I dunno,but I have a fairly large kingdom so far,for the amount of time I have been signed up.

My name is 13 (just the number)

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