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Summer Dead Tour


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If anyone is interested...

June 12, Bonnaroo

June 15, 16, 18, 19, 20 Red Rocks

June 22, Phoenix

June 23, San Diego

June 25, Irvine

June 26, Mt View

June 27 Sacramento

June 29 Salt Lake City

July 1 Boise

July 2 Portland, OR

July 3, Gorge, WA

July 23 St Louis

July 24 Alpine

July 25 Indianapolis

July 27 Detroit

July 28 Cleveland

July 30, 31 Boston

Aug 1 Saratoga

Aug 3 Hartford

Aug 4 Scaranton

Aug 6 Darien Lakes, NY

Aug 7, 8, Camden, NJ

Aug 10, 11, Holmdel, NJ

Aug 13, 14 Wantaugh, NY

Aug 15, Bristow, VA

Aug 17 Raleigh, NC

Aug 18, Charlotte, NC

Aug 19, Atlanta, GA

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Ratdog's turnout was pretty good.

the dead will want about 8x's what Ratdog wants for payment...

to make that kind of cash, you need a much bigger venue. I can't believe Phil played the ampitheatre. he's much better suited for theatres, like shae's. If the dead ever toured in the fall/winter, then maybe we could get lucky with a Massey Hall or RTH performance...

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Seems to me attendance at Rat Dog was pretty good? Why play the amp when you can play Massey?

Because tickets would cost around $235-$165 for seats. The Dead want a lot money and even Ratdog lost a lot of money. It wasn't a terrible turnout but it wasn't what they needed to break even either. It's safe to say unless someone else has $100'000USD to put up The Dead won't be playing Canada anytime in the near future.

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I think I would lose it if the Dead played Massey Hall!!!

I think I'm gonna do Darien and 2 Camdens. Did last summer's Camden shows, and it was a blast, gettin' touristy over in Philly etc....some of the top shows on the tour too....real nice!

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Boston > Boston > SPAC looks good... so does a birthday show at Jones Beach. When do tickets go on sale?

Btw, I thought the Phil show at the Amp was short but the band rocked out pretty hard. I can see if you don't like the new tunes but what else didn't you like?

P.S. Hux, let's make a trade for that Phil VCD. (I was gonna include a smiley but they're all so creepy looking)

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my family wants me to go to darien lake sometime in early august . . . i now have a reason to join them ::

you should do it, man. some friends and i went and camped last summer and had one of the best weekends ever! a lot can happen at an amusement park on mushrooms for a weekend. im sure it wont be too hard to get most of the same group together... fuck, i cant wait for that weekend!

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