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Bouche appreciation thread


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Nice work on the new message board Bouche, its looking FAB! A little intimidating at first but I'm getting the hang of it now. And a BIG HUGE THANKS for that Jammy's disc you sent! I popped it in last night and had my jaw to the floor watching Derek Trucks trading licks with Robert Randolph! Cheers Bouche!

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Mike Bouchard, thanks for creating and maintaining the communication tool that keeps me up-to-date about things that I care about, and that has enabled me to meet and stay in touch with all kinds of awesome people!

I look forward to seeing you again soon ... it's been too long!!!

Peace, Mark

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bouche is one of oldest friends here in Cavernland. My first serious experience with him was getting a lift to the Labour Day 2001 CTMF. I still remember how excited he was about the "Phish Sanctuary" sign he'd had made up. I was a festival newbie, with a newly-bought tent and sleeping bag. Going along for the ride with him eased me into this new realm perfectly.

Since then, seeing the fruits of his (substantial!) efforts on this message board help me realize that there's a place for each of our own indivudal talents, regardless of what they be: some play in bands, some tape shows ( ;)), some book shows, some run boards, and on and on.

Cheers, bouche! Without you, we're, well, not a "we" at all, just a bunch of disparate "I"s...



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