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feeling particularly potent


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sitting in me cubicle...day-timer staring me in the face. i don't smoke the tabacky, so there's no need to quit that...ain't nobody gonna keep me from mr. booze... an' the dope is the dope is the dope, good for a laff, so who needs to give that up jus 'cuz its a new year an' all? so what's my resolution? stay organized! yeah, right.... anyway, its gotta be something like that, and i didn't sign a contract!

so here's the scoop... the holidays were 'good', just a little on the quiet side and i can feel this itch that there isn't any cream for and you don't get from sittin' next to dirty girls... just the kind of itch that means somethings ready to bust out... so bear with me here, read the rant if you want... as usual in the depths of the Skank, comments are always welcome, but not necessary...

you guru

move through

move on with it

change hue

from what was red

to nearly blue

barely new

with dust and residue

just make that promise

to stay a few more days

and if you can't

spare the time

rest assured

rest sublime

arrested, sure

but it took some spine

you grew

moved through

from within me

to without you

the ones you'll meet

the ones i knew

lofty heights

a bird's-eye view

and all that will ensue

in the few days that follow

anyways, maybe if i think a little harder and move a little faster and the itch persists you'll see something like this again... otherwise, i'll get right ripped, piss my pants and call it a day!

thanks all for leaving a space to dump this...

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