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Heads Tale in Guelph, and London now set up!

Greg Hemmings

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Hey Weezy! Yeah man, Im definately hoping to set something up for the West, Ill let you know when it happens, Ill definately will be needing help for equipment!!!! Tungsten, That would be sweet!I just found out ITS NOT 100% yet about the projector because Ed Video isnt sure they trust renting the projector to me as im usimng it in a bar????? but I think i can smooth talk them..if not i hear the university has projectors we can rent.

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Hey Folks!

London has a projector and screen according to Craig Mercer...I will be starting the movie 1 hour before the band starts...9:30-10:00???

If anyone wanst to call me on the road when the date gets closer i can give you more info!!! 506 640 0748

Also Im still trying to work something out for Kingston. I might have to rent a projector from Kingston Soundworks. Is there anyone out there that belongs to a film co-op, or goes to the university that might be able to borrow one?

Im pretty good at leaving things to the last minute! ha,

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