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Last nights surprise Tab/ Phish show available


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Done and done and let me tell you folks, especially the ph-heads, get this. I've listened to it front to back now and the whole damn thing rocks!

Sound quality is:

[color:"orange"] Source: Schoeps mk41>kc5>cmc6>Lunatec V2>ad2k+>vx

pocket>Toshiba 3490ct>vegas 3.0 (24/48)>wavelab

(resample and uv22hr dither)>cdwav editor>flac

...but you'd swear this were front of stage mic or sbd at the least!

Quality jamming, quality TAB, and quality sound. Even the vocals warrant mention.

One for the collection fo sho.

Keep your windows open people, spread this one far and wide.

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i downloaded both versions last night, and i prefer this one:

Source: Schoeps CMC6/mk4 > Apogee MiniMe 24/48 > Sony D8

Transfer: Sony D8 > Oade Active 7-pin Cable > Delta DiO 2496 S/PDIF > Samplitude V5.5 > CDWAv


the one mentioned above would probably sound great if you have a very high quality stereo system (coupla thousand dollars) as it has a little more bass, but on my system, and more importantly the radio, it would come out muddy.

the Schoeps CMC6/mk4 > Apogee MiniMe 24/48 > Sony D8 is a little clearer bass....

the show isn't too shabby at all...

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Sounds like Machine Gun Trey is back...

I am totally loving the sound of the new Languedoc.. (sp?)

Id say thats the best he's nailed Chaldust since the return from Hiatus... really dirty sounding and dark... im startin to get excited for Thursday night... come on 8:40pm tomorrow night so i can get in the air!!

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