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Q of the Day 04-13-04


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I'd ask him to explain this:

"Bush makes the pilgrimage to his Central Texas spread every year for Easter, when the wildflowers are in full bloom and the mesquite trees are sprouting fresh, iridescent green leaves.

Last week, the president gave a tour of the ranch to leaders of hunting rights, recreational sports and gun rights groups. He later sat down for an interview with Ladies' Home Journal.

Bush has now made 33 trips to Crawford since becoming president, bringing his total to more than 230 days at the ranch in a little more than three years, according to a tally kept by CBS News.

Add his 78 trips to Camp David and five to his family's compound at Kennebunkport, Maine, and Bush has spent all or part of 500 days -- or about 40 percent of his presidency -- at one of his three retreats."


Compared to this:

According to this article of Dec. 13, 1999

President Clinton had taken 152 days in those almost 7 years since he'd been sworn in.

President Reagan had 335 in his 8 years


And Bush does this during times of war & terrorism.

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I'd ask him if he would please bend over and take my boot up his ass.

I'd ask him when America's terrorist campaign will end.

I'd ask him to take an IQ test.

I'd ask him if he would please reveal to weapons inspectors his countries cache of wmd.

I'd ask him to find France on a map.

I'd ask him if he would please roll over and die, because I'm uncomfortable wishing he was dead. I hope to hell we never meet.

I'd end the interview by begging him to please, oh please just fuck off.

Great, now I'm in a bad mood.

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Do you think those Canadian Liberals are doing a good enough job, trying to skew the public on their initial promise from 11 years ago, stating a a new ethical standard?

(Actually, I would rather Ask Hamilton that one)

There's a forum for that, you know... ;)

I would ask Dubya who he thinks he's fooling when he insists that he will appear before the 9/11 Congressional hearing only if he can take the stand with Dick Cheney, and if they don't have to take an oath. (Apparently, it's okay to lie to the American public, just as long as you didn't swear an oath to the great magical undead sky-god not to do it right before you do it.)

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the great magical undead sky-god

that would make a nice handle

how many civilians have died overseas in "terrorist" countries in the name of combating "evil" and just who should be afraid of who? whatever happened to turn the other cheek as the bible preaches if he's on such a holy mission?

and would he be willing to settle up that that $400 his daughter owes me from before she got popped? (and why isn't she in jail?)

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