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What would be the ideal healthiest breakfast


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apparently its when your body needs nutrients the most. I just read a part in the funk & Wagnalls encyclopedia that vitamins are needed most to be absorbed first thing after sleep thus due to the working and building of muscle during sleep hours - the less sleep - the more vitamins should be taken - the body works as a muscle and needs energy - this is when you intake proper food - what is proper high vitamin food or even liquid in the morning to intake other than supplements - hmmmmm - - you need oil to start the car - in our case its the dry starts that piss me off - energy bars could cause severe abdominal pains and discomfort along with sittin on the can for over 5 minutes confessing of stupidity - whatever happened to oatmeal - i guess a bit of everything to have balance - depending on tolerance of vitamins as well - -vitamins are the foundation of growth amongst a certain organism - plants need different nutrients to produce - F*** it i'll stick to pancakes

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