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a 5 - disc rotation for a Wednesday morning.


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Beck - Sea Change

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - The Witch Doctor

Richard Thompson - The Old Kit Bag

The White Stripes - De Stijl

Various - Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From the First Psychedelic Era


(okay, okay... the last one is four discs, but I always interpret these "5 disc rotation" threads as being "five album rotation" threads. So I'm a jerk - sue me!!)

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Burt Neilson Band - "By the Door"

Curious to hear what others feel about the latest BNB studio effort. I have been really enjoying it for a couple of weeks now. A nice change of pace for them, and a neat little pop album.

I like it! I haven't listened to it that much yet but I reacll some solid songwriting and lyrics that somehow resonated with my own life, like i knew exactly what times and places they were singing about.

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The new BNB is definately a departure. The first time I heard it, I thought they suddenly had Rick Danko (from The Band) on vocals until I realized it was Jeff. They have really embraced their favorite songwriters as inspiration - The Band, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones etc... The album is a bit short (32 minutes long) and it seems like it was done on a tight budget (judging by the production and packaging) but the songs are catchy and memorable and it definately is a new direction away from the funk. For that I'm glad - it's about time a jamband tries something different - they're all sounding the same these days.

(/hippie baiting)

my 5 disc rotation:

BNB - By The Door

Stephen Franke and NFTT - Songs For A Platinum Blonde Waitress

tND - Live In NYC

Zero7 - mixed

Slammin Jack - 03-24-04

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GnR - Live at the Ritz '88

The Police - (that 79 show DaveO made me. Its back in rotation)

Vermont Easter Egg - (anyone else find Trey's tone extra crunchy? I have only heard a couple of tracks, but it is hard to tell if it is the size of the venue or the guitar he is playing)

PLQ - 11-05-99 (Warren and Derek Trucks, JAM CENTRAL!)

Newgrass -01-23-88 (Holy sheepshit)

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Well I guess its thursday mornin' now..here's whats playin' though:

David Bromberg - Belmont Park NYC 1979-08-21

Bob Dylan - Victoria Secrets Gift Disc

Daniel Lanois - The Horseshoe Tavern 1993-04-??

Beatles - Acoustic Submarine

Gram Parsons - Max's Kansas City 1973-03-09

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