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alright alright, anyone else getting as excited as me?? whats it been, a good 5 months since they graced us with their presence? gonna be a real dandy...

i got friday off, too!

IT'S GO TIME!!!!! (well, it will be in just over 24 hours...)

let's see if we can show some real support for the london scene at Elements and get a little more than decent turnout, wouldn't ya say its about time?

out-of-towners, c'mon now, dont be shy, its just lil ole london, nothin' to be scared of. we dont bite...hard. OOOOHHHHHHHH, THAT ONE GETS AT LEAST A 9.34168 ON THE CHEESY CLICHE SCALE!

see ya'll there...

ps: if any out of town folk need a place to stay, let me know.

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i'm stoked. seeing nero every thursday works for me.

on a damp note, i DO have to 'work' on friday... so if i have to get up at 5:30 and deal with teenagers, anybody who doesn't come better have a damn good excuse.

but let's not leave it with that...

ya nero!! bring on the fuckin shit!!! hahahaha..

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Whatever, Del Head!! the room sounds sweet. Do you not remember the sound of the room? another person just told me today that it sounded great and that's for a show with 3 singers.

no vocal mics? in a room this live you'll hear EVERYTHING that the boys do and more!

this should be a taped show.

*fingers crossed*

anyhow, if you folks miss out and then hear about a rad show you can always come out friday for sing that yell that spell...but if you don't have earplugs you should come for nero cause those STYTS boys are crazy.

but seriously. the show at bacchus in december was filled with wierd vibes. this room is free from wierd assholes and bizarre staff and/or a mixture of both. my bartendress is a bit of a card but it's not like you have to talk to her. she is a pretty friendly girl for the most part though. the more fun we have the better the show will be and $2.50 beers make life very fun.


the best little room for it's lineup, sound, vibe, art, and class.

show off what london needs!

Just make sure you don't have to miss it when i'm gone. that's all i'm saying.

they were up for a jammy for chrissakes.

the good ole PB boys got it but whatevs. it's the official CD release party! be the first on your block to have the new nero album!

serious. you may think it's gimmicky but it's friggin cool!

you could be like 'yeah. that's me. ahead of it all. you may laugh now but you'll be shakin it to darius tomorrow. trust me.' and then y'know what happens?

some ''told ya so''s would be in order. payable to the rest of your block.

no. thank YOU.


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thank you nero! i'm feelin lucky to have caught 2 shows in 2 thursdays. hopefully we'll meet again soon...

and to everybody who reads this, send miss meggo some vibes of clarity if you can spare them... running on roughly 1 - 1.5 hours of sleep, and i'm gonna need a little extra help today. but of course, it was worth it. ;)

have a beer on a patio and enjoy the weekend.

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thanks man! the kids have been pretty good - i had to babysit one class which turned a bit crazy - i yelled at a kid, "dude!!! do your work!!" hahahaha... otherwise i feel remarkably ok, besides a little more spacey than the norm.

ya nero i'm thinkin the shaker is going to be in order for me... i like to shake it, so why wouldn't i go? summer is comin and i think that would be a good way to welcome it.

thanks for the show again, sounded great & love the smoke machine ;)

and yeah i'm sittin in the staff room checkin out jambands. heeheehee ::

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yup that's right...it takes me 2 days to post about the show...


I had a blast and thought that it was a nice change of pace to have nero sound nice in London (at least i thought it did...hope i'm not delusional...nobody has to comment on that)

totally momentous night.

Having my fave band to see live in the venue that i'm working, and me doing sound...too bad Giggles missed out on this one.

thanks to everyone for the night, and thaks again to scottieking. that was a choice bowlito. absolutely timely.

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