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Mike Daley Reminder - Thurs - PJC - 9 pm


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Mike Daley knows more songs than anyone I've met (I yelled for "Dark Star" jokingly at one of his shows and he suprisingly proceeded to play a killer 20 min. version)... moreover he plays with an unequaled passion and style... rare tunes by bands like Big Star, Dylan, and I can't even say, so much stuff... unbelievable guitar work, great voice and anyone who's seen him can attest to his wit and great presence

anyways, Mike lives and works in Toronto now so he doesn't make it into town much no more... just wanted to say if you're free you should really check him out... he kicks ass... totally worth it (especially for free!)

Mike Daley

The Pepperjack Cafe

38 King William St., Hamilton

9 pm - free

The Big Rock Band (featuring former members of Jam Central Station) plays later in the evening

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Aw man, I'd love to go to that. I really don't think I can swing it though: I've got to get up at 5am and drive to Newmarket for a meeting. :(!

early show \/\/illy, 9 until round 11/11:30

kevO, don't think he played in the killjoys, but he helped them get their act together... he was in The Eggmen for quite some time and his own band was called Uncle Violet


Mike's Website

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Check Daley out! Mike's probably the most gifted songwriter I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing at the local level, nevermind his insane guitar playing and the fact he's a walking jukebox of the highest quality tunes. He can also look right through me like the Devil, leading me to drink.

I'm going to try to pop down for this tonight.

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Well, I'm definitely going to be there!! I didn't organize my entire life for three years around where Mike Daley was playing just to skip a free gig in Hamilton...

And just because I enjoy being a prick, technically Mike Daley was in the Killjoys - but he quit before they got signed, so you'll not see his name in any CDs.

Mike kicks ass.

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why I outta... ;)

fair enough then, I was around for a lot of early Killjoy shows (back when I felt sorry for them) but don't remember Mike on stage (though I do remember him kickin about)

wonder if Shelley and Mike T will be in attendance tonight?

2 hours to go? time to get it in gear! been a long time since I've seen Daley play (used to be a more popular show than Brian Griffith)

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