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Jamilton Spring Tour Stop - JOMOMMA 4-25


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For Immediate Release

Jomomma Returns To Hamilton As Part Of Their Spring Tour:

Tuesday, April 13th, 2004.

Cincinnati Records & Shainhouse Booking Present


-with special guests-

Flatt Street Jazz Quintet and Matthew De Zoete

Sunday, April 25th, 2004

Casbah (306 King W @ Queen)

8PM (early start), 19+, $6/door


Since forming in 1998, Jomomma has proven itself one of Canada's most promising group of live-music performance and recording artists. Thousands across the country have learned first hand: One should expect the musically unexpected when Jomomma takes the stage. At times finely crafted rock 'n' roll and jazz-influenced orchestration, other times improvised composition, the band's unique brand of music wins over more fans with each live performance.

Jomomma's four talented and innovative musicians - Paul Agriesti (vocals, percussion), Nick Gefucia (bass), Ed Casasanta (drums) and Johnston Kent (guitar) - rock into 2004 with much success behind them. After two self-produced recordings - Fuciu (2000) and Mobile (2002) - Jomomma is currently laying the musical groundwork for a soon-to-be-released third album, produced in collaboration with Universal recording artist Len, well known for their 1999 hit single Steal My Sunshine. Jomomma members Gefucia and Kent collaborated with Len on their new album, We Be Who We Be. Both Nick and Johnston can be seen in the first video to be released for this album for the song, It's a Brother Sister Thing.

Based in Brantford, ON, Jomomma has earned an ardent following across the country, particularly in the Maritime Provinces, where its members have ventured six times since 2000. As evidenced by e-mail requests to the band's website (www.jomomma.ca), fans in Halifax, St. John, Fredericton, Charlottetown and throughout the Maritimes look forward to the band’s return.

In 2000, Jomomma ventured to Canada's Western provinces, a tour that included a string of performances in Victoria, Edmonton, Banff and Vancouver. This tour is also the subject of the 2001 film Soundcheck, co-produced by Kingston filmmakers Neal Melancon and Eric Zoremba. Both Melancon and Zoremba accompanied members of Jomomma on tour chronicling the mishaps, trials and tribulations of their first Western Canadian gigs. Screening copies of Soundcheck are available by request.

In the summer months, music festivals in Eastern Canada and the northeastern U.S. fill Jomomma's schedule. The band has earned loyal fans at gatherings such as the Evolve Festival in Antigonish, NS, Ontario's Creemore Festival, the Come Together Music Festival in Waterford, ON and the Scottypaluza Music Festival in Upstate New York.

Jomomma will appear live in Hamilton as part of their Ontario spring tour with a stop at the Casbah on April 25th.

Produced by Cincinnati Records and Shainhouse Booking. For press requests or more information, please contact Shain Shapiro at shain@shainhousebooking.com .

For updated bio information, album samplers and tour info, visit www.jomomma.ca

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FlattStreet ( http://flattstreet.eck.ca )

Starting out as jazz quintet, FlattStreet is quickly emerging as a rockin', funkadelic improvisational ensemble of Hamilton's modern music scene. Generally, FlattStreet is a 5-piece group with 2 horns (trumpet + sax), bass, guitar and drums. The ever amazing Sarah provides her own brand of vocalism to create a final layer on top of their energy rich shows.

Best Quote Ever (talking about Flattstreet):

"Seriously, though, someone had described you guys as "jazz rock" and I shuddered - in my experience too many jazz players have had the feel trained right out of them, and rock needs feel; that or their jazz chops aren't so hot. You guys had neither problem and you're really inventive with your songs & arrangements. Hope to catch you again." - James Hayashi-Tennant, Program Director 93.3 CFMU

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