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Phish VEGAS setlist 04.15.04


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Set 1


Limb by Limb

Moma Dance ::

Old Home Place


Water in the Sky

All of these Dreams


Timber Ho! ::

Set 2

46 Days



Down with Disease


Scent of a Mule>

Girls, Girls, Girls*>

Scent of a Mule ::

Secret Smile

Crowd Control

Slave to the Traffic Light ::


Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley> ::

Vocal Jam

Notes* Jay-Z cover, with Jen Hartswick :: ::

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stash>timber ho! i wish i was there for that beauty!!!



Down with Disease


Scent of a Mule>

...wow!!! that is strong!

and a great encore!!! plus in vegas, the 2nd greatest city in america, where else can u play craps at 4:53 am with a FREE!!! hennessey and coke in your hand while making plans to eat lobster after you 7-out????

plus midget hookers and coke!!! :D ....damn life... ::

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i love phish fans:

(i just wish i was there)

Sounded like total shit....and Im serious. Trey's tone is just aweful. Its just noise at times. Lots of ups and downs setlist wise. I'll post more about it later...........Chilled with Nondo for the show...cool guy.

ps-- im not a fan of light shows persay, but Chris not being there is very noticeable--it was almost a joke at some points.

Trey rappin' was pretty fuckin funny.... very weird show, I need to hear this one on tape....Overall the show gets a 5.5 and thats being very nice.

I bet you guys cant wait to hear the re-worked Secret Smile....

ps. Im convinced Trey is on smack, hes playin like a junkie---to me at least.

Yeah, heard Sneakin Sally was the only "groove they hit"...first nights are rarely tight...2 nights left, kind of glad I missed this show though, feel better about waiting until summer tour.

I love to pay to go see bands that every once in a while have a mediocre show. If only they could fit time in between their busy schedule of doing smack and coke to practice.

Some people need to STOP going to shows for a little while.

THese reviews came from the ONLY thread dedicated to last nights shows on phook.org. Two of the comments came from the BIGGEST phish fan on the planet.

Anyone on here go to the show? I'm sure we'll be able to download it any minute now!!!!!

I just wanna see a show!


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Howdy from sunny LV!

Trying to pace myself here.. no latenights last night for me. Highlights were definitely stash > timber, stash felt like it was cut short, but timber came outta no where!!

Drowned > 2001 was absolutely nuts, and the mule jam was unlike anything I've ever heard... nice jammed out funky sneakin sally encore too!!

Energy and vibe in the building was great. Didn't see many ticketless outside, seemed like almost everybody got in to the show. Nothin' quite like an all GA show! The lights were not too bad, considering CK was not in action. Didn't flow with the jams as well, but it was still pretty good.

Several canadians at the show... big friendly, passedoutguy & lisa were on my flight along with at least 10-15 more heads! Ran into pete & tasha, no sign of the basher yet.

Time to rest up for tonight...

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I saw loads of extras, people with handfuls that they couldn't get rid of... definitely miracles last night.

As for the recordings, I'm sure the bittorrents will be out soon enough. Pretty good sized FOB section last night.. but the floor was nuts, can't imagine blocking! Didn't realize the real tapers section was so far back, basically in the stands at the back of the arena.

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Set 1

Seven Below

Rock and Roll

Boogie On Reggae Woman

Back On the Train>


Strange Design


Brian and Robert


Set 2

Gotta Jiboo


Camel Walk>


Hold Your Head Up>

Honey Love Ya**>

Hold Your Head Up



The Horse>

Silent In the Morning

Lovin' Cup


Harry Hood

Notes*Trey plays "Little Drummer Boy" riff at end

**The debut of the Fishman "Rhythm Dress"

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listening to the show right now...not a bad audience...a bit boomy.Sounds like a pretty good show....trey does NOT sound like shit.

Second set sees some pretty smokin' playing.

Not only do some people have to stop going to shows, they also have to monitor the type and amount of drugs they are taking...I just smoked a bowl and it sounds good....like lay off the molly little brah...wow....man..... ;)

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Seven Below... perhaps my favourite of the Round Room songs!! Always nice to see that one make an appearance.

(One free kick to the balls for the next fucker who says that Round Room was a poor album. C'mon... you know you want a good boot to the jewels!)

I hear that Hammer, Round Room has some gems on it! I don't actually own a copy but I want to (and will soon methinks). Waves, All Of These Dreams, 46 Days are all songs that I like a lot. These setlists look pretty damn good!

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KevO, i'll hook you up with my copy at the Sharon Jones show....

god knows i dont listen to it often...no point of it just sitting around here...

THanks! :: I've been trying to get to the bottom of what happened to that package I sent ya but no luck so far. Maybe I'll re-burn the discs.

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