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Phish setlist 4/17/04


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Set 1Soul Shakedown Party

Halley's Comet>


Ginseng Sullivan


Sample In a Jar



David Bowie

Set 2Meatstick

Pebbles and Marbles>

Prince Caspian>




You Enjoy Myself*>

Tweezer Reprise**

EncoreWolfman's Brother

Squirming Coil

Notes*Meatstick Dance Reprise (after trampolines)

**Meatsick vocals : "Won't you step into the Meatstick?" during Reprise

All in all I'd say it looks like a solid weekend of music

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Just got back folks. As usual, I will piss people off by being brief when there is too much to say and I am too tired.

The shows were insane. Better each night. Lights at the shows 2 and 3 were wicked, while on night 1 they were bad (imo). During the setbreak of the 3rd show, people in a couple sections over from us started a meatstick dance and started singing. Much of the crowd joined in. It died down for a bit, but when the band came back and after the initial crowd roar died off, the crowd started doing it again, loud!

Trey turned to Fish and Page and said "Let's do it!". Meatstick ALL over that set, all by request.

More later,

Had a blast!


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