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so... how was nero last night?


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Good times to be sure. Great GTB set followed by a huge nero set. Lots of people out - the usual suspects and lots of out-of-towners. Another epic afterparty followed by a bike ride home that I shouldn't have attempted, and safe and sound I sit here trying to remember it all.

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Whoa.....another epic weekend!!! Definitely took a few years off - phew!!!

Great show Sat. (and Music Never Stopped on Friday!), and it was a pleasure to have y'all back to the homestead! Weird thing, why was every single tall-can of Grolsch I picked up yesterday either half or 3/4's full...???? I swear - every one!

Only other observation was on the leftover low-carb brews...yeeeeecchhh... :: those things taste like motor-oil, don't know how you folks can drink those...

Well, get rested up, b'cause Sat. night is gonna be another biggie, Dr. Huxtable and Comfort Station at Irene's....and we found out this weekend, that the gig will also be a Birthday Bash for the Punk!!!

Look for a surprise guest! (hmmmmmmm.....who could it be??)

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Booche posted the GTB set list:

Lake Wallow

Friend (apparently, this is their newest tune)


Corbin Bernsen


Silence >




Admit (broken string forced the end of the song, I think)


It Makes Me Free

He was also keeping the nero set list, which I haven't seen yet, but ISTR these tunes, but I'm sure the order and some of the titles wrong:


Johnny Joe


Luke's Wish

401 Theme -> Lemondust -> 401 Theme

Chocolate Monkey Machine


nero did one long (125 minute) set.



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