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so what do you guys think of the playoffs so far, iknow some will want to comment after tonight's game but i'm lovin it!

how far will calgary get? can they beat detroit? the wings looked a little shakey against nashville.

the habs coming back 3-1??? ::

danton has a gay lover? :: ::


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I'm happy for the Habs, sad for my Canucks, and nervous about the Maple Leafs fates tonight. It's very cool, however, that three of the final eight teams are Canadian. It'd sure be great to see a Canadian team in the finals, or a Montreal/Ottawa or Montreal/Toronto conference final!

I think Detroit is probably going to destroy Calgary but anything's possible. Either way, it's sure an exciting playoff! I am just SO glad that the Anaheim/Minny type teams are all gone.

Go Canada Go, I guess :P

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