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Saskatoon man wants to open cannabis cafe to serve dope-laced food

January 12, 2003

SASKATOON (CP) - A man has written to city hall asking for first crack at a licence to open a cannabis cafe, which would serve a variety of marijuana-laced foods, drinks, pills and smokes in a bakery-style setting.

"There would be tables to sit at and a bakery counter with glass windows," explained Ken Sailor, adding his scheme would be dependent on the federal government relaxing the current laws prohibiting pot use.

"Inside would be baked goods like marijuana cookies, brownies, cakes and other foods."

There would be a menu of available items and a listing of the grades and strengths of the marijuana contained therein, including the effects of the weed and where it was grown.

Sailor compared the information to that given for a bottle of wine - flavour, finish, fragrance - but with different attributes.

"We would say what the strain of marijuana would be expected to do. For example, there are some that provide the head high without the paranoia."

Sailor has visited similar cafes in the Netherlands and wants to style his after the Dutch model.

Aside from giving people a safe, friendly place to light up, the cafe would boost the local economy, Sailor said.

"If we were to attract the same amount of tourists here as they get in the Netherlands for the same purpose, we would need more hotels, restaurants, entertainment and shopping venues."

Sailor, a 48-year-old computer programmer who holds a PhD in computer science, has been lobbying for several years to get the marijuana laws changed.

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