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Someone wants to say hello!

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Full Tracklisting

1. William Hung Words of Gratitude

2. She Bangs

3. Bailamos

4. William Hung's Inspirational Thoughts (Passion)

5.I Believe I Can Fly

6. Hotel California

7. Can You Feel The Love Tonight

8. Two Worlds

9. William Hung's Inspirational Thoughts (Perseverance)

10. Rocket Man

11. Free

12. Circles Of Life

13. William Hung Inspirational Thought (Be Yourself)

14. Y.M.C.A Featuring The Gonnabees

15. Shake Your Bon-Bon

I'm tempted, especially by track 4. It's probablly worth the price of the CD.

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"Our names are Rebecca and Andrea, and we have self-proclaimed love for William Hung. In fact, Rebecca suggests that we move to Utah in order for us to both be the wives of William Hung. William isn't just a talented young man. William Hung is an experience; a way of life. The most beautiful aspect of earth bottled into one small asian male. We affectionately refer to him as: *William-Hung *Leader Hung *Hung Himself *The Hung *Hong Kong Ricky Martin WILLIAM HUNG FOREVER!" Andrea and Rebecca, San Francisco, Creators of the William Hung Fan Club

I love the fact that He is more famous than any system created American Idol will be.

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a quote by someone in the fan mail section...

"Will, I just got your new cd and I think it's great. Don't let people tell you that you can't sing. You have passion and a belief in yourself, and that over powers technical skills. Look at Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Jonathan Richman, and Jim Morrison"

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