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so what about tonight?


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Question for you Jared:

For the many, many times that you post, I'm sure you see each time that your handle incorrectly reads "formaly know as jared", but why do you never have the bloody inclination to correct the spelling ? Each time you post, I ponder this to no end. It keeps me up at night. It brings a great deal of distress to my life. Please, please give me some insight.

respectfully yours,

Heywood Jablowmi

PS. the correct spelling would be: "formally known as jared"

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Old man! :: hehe...

I've been here and there,had a few health issues for abit but starting to regain my powers,slowly.

Not sure what ya mean by connection,I recall being at the party,getting right smashed & waking up with a pocket full of broken glass...sitting on the porch and getting drunk again..lol.

Hope alls well meggo it has been awhile hasn't it.

Well I'm off to Paisley's for some grogs..talk soon & have a great weekend.

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