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well i lost my motherf*cking job...


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shit, jon, im sorry to hear that brother. seems to be one of the evils of managing a large retail chain, they simply dont care. (the people i work for have been cleaning house recently, too)

looks like you have the right attitude about it, though, if there is such a thing. maybe this is a window of opportunity for you...

all the best... and i dedicate my morning wake-n-bake to you, my friend...

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Sorry to hear that Jon.

I'm sure you're loaded with experience that isn't just Dead-related ;)

If it was a job you didn't see yourself in 5 years from now anyways, it just may be the opportunity to move on a little earlier than planned.

I remember losing my job a couple of years ago. As tough as it was, I found it very enlightening to say the least. I didn't know how I'd ever get out of Smiths Falls, and sure enough that was my 'push' for bigger and better things.

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Thanks folks.

I now see it for the opportunity that it actually is...

plus its the summer time.

nothing like a well timed golden handshake ;)

POG - ya they do like to blindside people there...i've been left in a fairly good situation though. I'm sure the new girl is a total retail freakshow...

water under the bridge...all sights ahead

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