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question for today


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As far as I can tell, you people are pretty accurate, BUT, I dont know PhishyK well enough to figure out his characters. For boogieknight, I didnt know you had some of those sides in you, but I trust your judgement, questcequecestwhat, seems to make sense ;) (by the way, happy belated, I forgot to post in your thread), Kung is pretty dang on as is Del-Head (good work on knowing how you *think* you portray yourselves to others that have only met you a couple of times!)....and Low Roller, I sure hope you mean that overtly nicety-nice 'Im your employer, thus I love you' side of Hank rather than the evil-threat aspects to his character.

Unless I am Homer on that one.............



(I loved this question, but apparently, most people didnt want to take a look into their psyche. This is WAY better than one of those pseudo-psychological profile websites that ask "Which Simpsons character are you?")

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I wasn't "passed out" .......just having a little cat-nap!

I totally forgot about the Mindy thing! I've been trying to find pics from MOE. halloween show '02, but I have very little patience when I'm sleepy!

As for crazy-cat-lady....yeah, well, what can I say?!?!?!

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