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Just listening to The Slip...


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Kuumbwa Jazz Center

Santa Cruz, CA

d1t03: Predicting The Rain

I'm stunned... Amazing... Beautiful... Brilliantly played, with Andrew playing one of the sickest breakdowns I've heard them do... First time I can remember hearing this, but it's unbelievable... There is a torrent on bt.etree if anyone's interested. Crispy show, nice setlist:

Disc One:

Set 1

01. Opening Improv

02. Chasing rabbits

03. Predicting the rain

04. Aptos

05. River Sang to Buddha

06. ???

Set 2

07. Hey worrier

Disc Two:

Set 2 continued

01. Wolof

02. Fear of falling

03. When cloudy hushes moon

04. ???

05. December's children


06. Poor boy

07. Before you were born

Here's the link:



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