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Injured boy walks 2km to save dad

By Larissa Cummings

May 10, 2004

WITH every rib in his little body broken and his lungs on the verge of collapsing, seven-year-old Tyler Moon trudged through 2km of bushland to save his father's life.

Tyler and dad David, 40, had been zooming around on the family's quad bike in bushland next to their property near Milton, on the New South Wales south coast.

But in a freak accident on Saturday morning, the bike hit a large wedge of wood and jolted suddenly, throwing the pair over the handlebars.

The bike landed on top of David, with the motor still running.

Tyler's mother, Gail, said her son was as "white as a ghost" when he reached the door of their home, about 10am.

"Daddy told me to tell you he needs an ambulance," was all the youngster could muster before he collapsed, Mrs Moon said.

She immediately phoned their nearest neighbour, Noel Brereton who helped David to crawl free from the bike.

"I want to thank Mr Brereton and the NRMA Careflight officers who have helped to save my family's life," she said.

"It's been the biggest shock of my life. I'm just thankful they're alive because it could've been a lot worse."

NRMA Careflight director Ian Badham said he will be recommending Tyler to the Royal Humane Society for a bravery award.

"What Tyler did was above and beyond the call of duty," he said.

"In reality, Tyler's injuries were probably worse than his Dad's and if he didn't walk to find help, it's possible both he and his dad wouldn't be here.

"Kids seem to have an amazing ability to carry-on and push themselves when adults can't."

Mrs Moon said her husband and son rode the family's $11,000 Kawasaki quad bike every weekend through a network of bush trails in the forest backing on to their 2.8ha property.

"They do it all the time. This was just a freak accident," she said.

Mrs Moon said the pair were not wearing helmets.

Tyler was conscious and in a stable condition yesterday, managing to weakly ask his mother if his dad was OK.

Mr Moon suffered internal injuries and was rushed back into surgery yesterday morning. His condition remains critical.

Mrs Moon said she last spoke to her husband just before he went into surgery on Saturday night.

"He was laughing with me and saying he'd be going home tomorrow," she said.

The family moved to the south coast, where Mr Moon works as a detail manager for Holden in Ulladulla, four years ago.

Mrs Moon said she has received a flood of support from the south coast community.

"I've had a lot of phone calls from people throughout the night," she said.

Mr Badham said quad bikes were notorious for accidents.

"Quad bikes is an apt name because they turn people into quadriplegics," he said.

"We go to at least one accident every month involving these bikes.

"They offer no protection for the riders."

The Daily Telegraph

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