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BriGuy Step inside please


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The Q has been advertising the little feat show quite a bit. This is a good thing.

Unfortunately they have been announcing it for THURSDAY June 22nd.

The show is on Tuesday June 22, as the tickets say.

Maybe you can clear that up with them. I know T took the time off work, and it scared her. She thought she took the wrong day off. I'm sure others are in her position. If they took Friday off, they are going to be pissed.


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Thanks! I've heard it announced for the Tuesday on several occasions so I'm thinking this was an isolated incident. There website says Tuesday and the ticket contests are for the Tuesday. Was it on the concert calendar? When was this? Any info will help.

Thanks again for letting me know,


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well, i'd just like to say it was Theresa who noticed it, not my dumb stoned ass. If it had been me, i'd wonder if it was in my head, but T heard it, and she's been sober for years (or at least from pot that is!)

Either way, glad they have the date correct, and haven't been announcing the wrong day from the beginning. If that was the case, i'd call in and recommend Q107 for the tool of the day!

:: :: ::

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