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New Jommoma?!?!

Northern Wish

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I just started listening to some of the tracks that BradM posted over at the jamhug (thanks Brad!).......

Question to those who might have seen them recently: What is the current lineup?

The reason I ask is that after DaveO pointed out that they might have a keyboardist again, I listened on headphones and would have to concur. It seems like there are some spacey, textured elements in some of the jams that would have to come from keys or at the least a new rack of nice pedals for JK to play with.

If anyone knows, I'd love to hear about the new shows, sound and lineup.

I am impressed how much tighter, heavier and layered that funk it sounding!

Kudos Joe,


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Jomomma is my favorite band in the scene.

They are the only band that hasn't/doesn't get boring.

Paul has picked up a few toys that add to the sound.

THeir main talent is their tightness. I dont know of a tighter band, other than for the OLD fatties.

They have successfully branched OUT OF the jamband scene, something that most bands in our scene are unable to do.

They bring the funk like no other. It helps that they have the most talented bassist in the scene, and, well, he oozes funk!


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