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Mike Daley on Thursday


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just wanted to remind folks that the one, the only, Mike Daley performs once again this Thursday evening at Pepperjacks

last months show was awesome, Mike gliding effortlessly through his killer originals, a few covers and a fine 'Rueben and Cherise' for encore (MarcO's request fulfilled)... if you missed out last time you should definately shoot to make it out... hoping to make it a once a month event at PJC but need some support to make that feasible

do it!

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By Ric Taylor


“I took a break,” offers singer/songwriter Mike Daley on

his self–imposed three–year hiatus from a decade of

near–nightly showcasing on Hamilton’s stages. “It was

just what I needed to do at that time.”

Since the ’80s and the age of 15, Daley has been playing,

writing and touring around Ontario—stints with Jack

Diamond, Nine Big Dogs, a nascent version of the Killjoys,

Uncle Violet, The Eggmen, Cowboymouth and hundreds

of solo gigs all load up his resume over the last two

decades, but a recent reclusion, a vacation from the pub

grind, brought Daley to loftier musical heights while fans

were wondering what happened. Tonight they can find


As a teacher of a popular music course formerly at

McMaster University and now at York, Daley has strived

for the high notes. Daley moved to Toronto last fall,

working at CBC radio as a classical music radio producer.

He also works regularly on Classic Album Live (Rolling

Stones, Queen and the coveted George Harrison part in a

Revolver/RubberSoul re–creation) and is finding himself

playing much more regularly with the likes of Justin

Rutledge and Suzie Vinnick. He’s also reunited with jazz

bassist Rob Clutton, with whom he formed the Winged

Marsupials back when the two were attending high

school in Burlington.

And three years after his last solo CD, Been Here and

Gone, he’s returning to Angelcave Studio this summer to

record a new disc, with Rob Lamothe producing.

“My new songs are more introspective than my previous

work,” he muses. “I used to like to play with words, but I

did a lot more self–exploration in the last couple of years.

I’m just trying to figure out who I am. On the first album, I

gave all the songs pretty short arrangements and I’m

going to stretch out a little more. I’ve been listening to

Van Morrison and the way that he teases out all the

different threads of the song. I’d really love to improvise

and make the songs more open that way. It’s not going to

be jazz but sort of a little more floating kind of feel than a

laying down the groove rock kind of thing.”

“I’m just starting to get going again,” assures the singer.

“I have to play. I love to play. It’s my world! I play a bunch

of old songs, new songs, some requests from the crowd. I

like the punk songs and the Grateful Dead songs and the

jazz and country and southern gospel songs. Everything, I

love it all and I can’t stop. That’s my whole social world

and I missed it totally.

“I used to do a lot of commercial gigs and covers when I

was in Hamilton,” confides Daley. “Since I’ve been in

Toronto I’ve been focusing on creative, interesting, cool

music. It’s a lot easier to feel like an artist when you’re not

playing ‘The Lady In Red.’”

Mike Daley plays live at The Pepperjack Café this

Thursday, May 13.

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If I don't go to Browntown tonight I maybe up for some pre-sho drinks...hows this treat ya..

I inherited a whole liqour cabinet.

Rye,Gin,Rum (plus others) all 40's some dated 1977 (lol) all good though,if ya feel like a few free ones before hand,I maybe able to pick ya up while ere over at my aunts for a pick up of some artwork that as left to me.

I'll give ya a call...

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