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Canada leads in combating HIV in developing world


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Irish rocker Bono praised Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin for leading the developed world in efforts to combat HIV/AIDS and poverty in the developing world.

He praised Martin for the increased Canadian aid and for being the lead country in moving ahead with legislation to make cheap, generic anti-AIDS drugs available to poor countries.

So until Willy chimes in slandering our "coal-baron grinch of a Prime Minster" ;)....how about some flattering pictures?!!?!?!? ::





I'm shameless...I know...but fuck it....

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I just saw the clip on newsworld of Bono calling out Martin (who had a shit eating grin on his face) to lead the world on this issue and that we as taxpayers should implore and empower him to do so at the upcoming G8. If that isn't a sign of the power of celebrity I don't know what is. I have to convince the board of my organization to let me book Chris and Kate for our annual conference in London in the fall tomorrow, this gives me grist for the mill for sure.

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