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Happy B-day Purple Foot......


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no. definately did not keep myself sober. but also didn't get sloshingly drunk either so i'm somewhat functionable today.

meggo i saw karen last night, she flew in o.k and crashed at our place. good times. went to a pub where we saw a wicked reggae band. wish i could remember the one dudes name but he rocked with some originals and marley covers. Roots rock REGGAE! play some reggae music. all in all good times. thanks for the b-day wishes Brah's.

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Hey Happy Birthday Purple Foot, ya ol' sea dog you!!

I just happen to have a coupla pics laying around on the hard drive I'd thought I'd share on your special day. (OR I guess it would be the day after your special day now..)

Here's you and Wellzy:


I'm surprised Wellzy didn't break his face with that smile! Wowzers! :o

Looks like things went well at the bar...


Where's Phipps?? Did he disappear under the water again or is he taking the picture? :D

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JEEEESSSSUUUSS FUCKING CHRIST. those pics were to be destroyed. HA HA thats great you got a hold of em though kerry. just super. good times after the ween show in edmonton in the fantasy land hotel. think it was the jungle room. drunken debauchery. doin tequila shots with deaner and claude after the show. they of course left the room once the bubbles came out. good god.

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