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Electric Meat Track Question (5/03/03)


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i'm putting together a compilation disc of all the upcoming bands at PJC, kindof a sampler for people .... will be given out for free at the bar, accompanied with the dates for each band on the disc.

Anyways, I have a disc, Electric Meat, Live @ C'est What, Set II, 05/03/03. I would like to know the name of the second track on the disc. Its going to be added to the mix cd.



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ya - i have been a world class fuckup on the disc mailing front...really need to get a show in the archive...

Going pretty good man! Fucking great time of year to not be working....gettin' ready to mobilize the career search though...bye bye retail(i hope)...you gonna be at any shows in the city man...could get you discs then.



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