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Pilates move over here comes pole dancing!


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Exercise a pole lot of fun

By Michelle Cazzulino

May 13, 2004


Fit ... Samantha Sudbury, left, and Stephanie Kite. Picture: Noel Kessel.

SYDNEY'S newest form of exercise is setting pulses racing – but not just those of the "athletes".

Aside from the fat-burning advantages of learning how to pole-dance, adherents are leaving classes feeling sexier and more self-confident.

Since Polestars began operating in Britain last year, 15 more outlets have opened across Britain.

And so popular is the entry-level course that in some areas there are long waiting lists for lessons.

Last week, the company opened its first international franchise in Sydney and course director Stephanie Kite said demand for the new service was already high.

The classes, which run twice a week at the Republic Bar in Sydney, are open to women only.

While they do not graduate from the course with the same skills as professional pole-dancers, Ms Kite says the health benefits for students are undisputed.

Each two-hour session consists of two 30-minute warm-up and cool-down periods plus an hour-long session "on the pole".

Women can expect to burn about 1000 kilojoules, according to the Polestars website.

Agence France-Presse


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