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Okay, need some help. Got some replies about Radiohead... here's the thing. Girlfriend loves them. BUT I haven't been able to convince her to love the finer things in life (ie the Dead). I'm not too up on Radiohead, but what studio stuff would you start a Radiohead fan with? Or even specific songs. She seems to think its all a little country/folkie (which sure lots is, but not all). She like's Jerry's guitar, but not his voice. This could be a breaking point in our relationship. Advice appreciated. (normally music isn't that key, as in I can accept some differences of opinion, with Jerry being the exception of course.


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This could be a breaking point in our relationship. Advice appreciated.

My thoughts...

Don't let music be a breaking point in a relationship....

Other then that I can't help ya,I've never worried what my girlfriend listens to myself,just isn't a requirement for me,its a bonus when we like the same stuff,but isn't a loss when we don't.

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Radiohead is very lyrical, I'd start her off with albums like American Beauty (buy her a copy) and Workingmans... then maybe some sweet Dick's Picks from the 70s or 80s

if it ends up not being her thing it ends up not being her thing... odds are if she sees you grooving on it forever she'll wonder what the hook is for you and listen deeper

You might want to get a copy of Radiohead's The Bends for yourself

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and by the way, my girlfriend is WAY into hip-hop and top 40 dance...but she respects my shit and even "almost" understands it...hell she drove me and picked me up at the airport when i took off to nyc without her to see the halloween panic run! yeah she's a good one...it's proof you can love somebody even if they ain't on the bus...ha! :D i even took her to see the allmans last summer!

seriously man, there are WAY bigger things that can destory a relationship, don't let tunes get in the way...radiohead ain't that bad.

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I understand that music shouldn't be a breaking point, and she doesn't hate them, and respects me listening to them. I could handle someone hating everything I like EXCEPT that one. Its just way to central to who I am (dead I mean). Its not about being on the bus, or being a Wook or anything. (on an aside, she espouses all of the virtues I associate with "the scene") its about the impact Jerry has had on who I am, and the fact that the happiest I could ever be and have ever been is at a dead show.

Can you really understand someone if you can't access their inner most happiness?

I'm just thinking out loud here... I definately wouldn't lose her for that... (and another aside, she has/like phish discs, and Gomez etc. which may be another reason I can't understand the Dead not hitting home, phish w/out dead???)

Chewie.. I"m in Sydney Australia right now! Home the end of June, moving to T.O. to start work... I'll be hitting Darien for sure, and trying to do some more, but this whole work thing may be a problem. Haven't really studies the list yet... but we'll hook up for sure.

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"its about the impact Jerry has had on who I am, and the fact that the happiest I could ever be and have ever been is at a dead show."

Well, well, well............

Coming from someone that is also a Deadhead, whose wife is a Radiohhead, I learned one important thing:

Dont force the issue.

If you do, your gf may never get into them. It has to be something that builds naturally. After it does, they start to get more 'into' your war-stories and can appreciate and even understand the love you have for the band.

Lynn got into the Jerry ballads before anything. American Beauty definitely worked, but also try making her a mix cd. I made a few for Lynn and everything worked out very well.

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Would accidentally leaving the changer full of dead shows and then trying to point out certain spots, as well as leaving shows lying around everywhere count as forcing the issue?

But yeah, new game plan is to give her American Beauty, and keep the rest of it to myself...

What are people's thoughts on Anthem? Or Blues for Allah? Haven't listened to either in a while myself, but they seem to be sufficiently "weird" to attract Radiohead audiences no?

ps. you guys are great

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Guest Low Roller

You need to take an alternate route from Radiohead to the Dead. Radiohead fans can be a little feisty (trust me), so your best bet is to take several stops on the way to The Dead.

First stop: Neil Young.

Thom Yorke is heavily influenced by Neil Young. Download a Radiohead show that has Thom singing After The Gold Rush or Cinnamon Girl and play it for her. When the song comes on say "hey I recognize that song", and put on the Neil Young version to compare. Get your girlfriend to start listening to some Neil Young.

Recommended period of time: 2 months

Second stop: Various acoustic and rock artists

She's been introduced to Neil Young, so you can naturally progress to Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, etc... Keep the artists recognizable for now. Remember, the general population couldn't care that the person is a good musician, all that matters is that they get radio play.

Recommended period of time: 1 month

Remember: Don't forget about Radiohead!

This is very important. Let her listen to Radiohead, Coldplay, Robbie Williams, whatever the fuck she wants. Don't force the music on her.

Finally: The Grateful Dead

Start off with one song. Ripple is a good start. It's a total feel good song. Stay away from anything bluegrass or Bobby (that one is for you Hux ;) ). But seriously keep it simple, and just play the hits. Then slowly get her into it. The Grateful Dead can be a little intimidating for the newbie, and unless they have patience for 10 minute songs, it ain't gonna work.

On the flipside: what the hell you doing dissing Radiohead? Get to listening some Radiohead STAT! Start with The Bends, then smoke a J and listen to OK Computer, then do some shrooms and listen to Kid A and if you have the guts after that, listen to Amnesiac. The studio albums are a very good start. If you like what you hear, then move on to the live stuff.

Fuck this was long. Congrads if you made it to the bottom.

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