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nero2004-04-03 Torrent


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Fredericton, NB - UNB Ballroom

"Rock The Earth" Benefit

April 3, 2004

Source: SBD > Extigy > Samplitude > CDWave > Wavelab 4.0 > .wav > .flac

Taped by ToastmasterG

** One Set Show **

Track 01 Lemondust 12:47.51

Track 02 Luke's Dream 05:58.69

Track 03 Darius 11:37.63

Track 04 Breakline 08:01.39

Track 05 Chocolate Monkey Machine 15:23.05

Track 06 Medicated 06:30.39


Track 07 Zedonk 12:14.33

Total 72:35.74


The mp3's are also available at Jamhub...


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Yeah, I grabbed the mp3s last night, he needed help with the track names, so I quickly dl'd it and game him the names... He then put it up as a torrent... I can't stop listening to it though, what a great show... That Breakline is unfuckingbelievable... Your thoughts?

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