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DAVID BOWIE review John Labbatt Centre FRI MAY 14


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First I was supposed to see DAVID BOWIE'S "A REALITY TOUR" in December, but then Bowie get the Flu. Then I was going to attend the make up date on April Fool's Day, but found out about this gig in London. Based shift work I was on days for the John Labbatt Centre and nights for the Air Canada Centre. So London was a better fit for me, now I had to wait for another month and a half to see the Thin White Duke. It was well worth the wait.

I had attended two prior Bowie gigs during "THE EARTHLING TOUR" in 1997 at The Warehouse and "THE HEATHEN TOUR" a part of "AREA:2 FESTIVAL" in 2002 at the Molson Amphitheatre. Out of the three this show in London was my favorite Bowie show. David was in form and in a great mood too. The crowd was also more into the London show than I had seen at the previous gigs.

First timers last night for me were many and great, 'Rebel, Rebel', 'New Killer Star', 'Sister Midnight', 'Hang On To Yourself', 'The Lonliest Guy', 'Sunday', 'Station To Station', 'The Supermen', 'Modern Love' and 'Suffragette City'.

Highlights of the night for me included the new debuts as well as 'All The Young Dudes', 'Fame', 'Panic In Detriot', 'Under Pressure', 'Quicksand', 'White Light, White Heat', and 'Heros'.

Here's the whole set in order:

1. Rebel, Rebel (Diamond Dogs '74)

2. Fashion (Scary Monsters '80)

3. New Killer Star (Reality '03)

4. Cactus (Heathen '02)

5. Sister Midnight (Iggy Pop's 'The Idiot' '77)

6. Hang On To Yourself (Ziggy Stardust...'72)

7. All The Young Dudes (David Live '74)

8. Fame (Young Americans '75)

9. China Girl (Let's Dance '83 also on 'The Idiot')

10. The Lonliest Guy (Reality '03)

11. The Man Who Sold The World (The Man Who... '71)

12. Panic In Detroit (Aladdin Sane '73)

13. Halo Spaceboy (Outside '95)

14. Sunday (Heathen '02)

15. Heathen (The Rays) (Heathen '02)

16. Under Pressure (single '81)

17. Station To Station (Station To Station '78)

18. Ashes To Ashes (Scary Monsters '80)

19. Quicksand (Honky Doary '71)

20. The Supermen (Ziggy Stardust... '72)

21. Modern Love (Let's Dance '83)

22. White Light, White Heat (Ziggy Stardust...'72)

23. I'm Afraid Of Americans (Earthling '97)

24. "Heros" (Heros '77)

E:25. Suffragette City (Ziggy Stardust...'72)

26. Ziggy Stardust (Ziggy Stardust...'72)

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