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Another Festival Disaster!!


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This time it was an act of man and not an act of god, but just as destructive. Poor Mountain View Jam :(


From The P-Groove Board

Ladies and Gentlemen of Talking In Place,

Summer is barely here, festival season is already taking off, and the Pgroove fanbase is growing by leaps and bounds as each week passes. As this growth continues, we need to stop and look around occasionally and make sure that everything is going A-OK in our community. We live in a time where everything we do is now under a larger magnifying glass, and more than ever, the events, the festivals, and the traveling, are all under closer scrutiny, and that is why we feel the need to address this situation.

Thus far, we have been extremely lucky to have such a supportive, energetic fanbase, and we hope that trend continues well into the future. However, in order to continue growing and having fun, we need to pay close attention to how we all behave, interact, and represent the Perpetual Groove community. Your actions as a fan often speak louder than we do, so it is important that everyone pays attention to what is about to be said.

To put it simply – Have fun, be safe, and most importantly, let’s not be afraid to be the fans that look down on some things. We care about each and every one of you, because without your help and support, none of this would be possible. However, there is a line to what is and what is not acceptable. To keep this scene clean, it is up to you as fans, to help police and patrol what happens in this community, and we don’t mean just here on Talking In Place, this extends to every show, every festival, every campout, etc.

Case in point, and this is on the extreme end of things: This past weekend at a regional festival, a young man felt the need to spray unsuspecting audience members with a drug that I have never even heard of before. The end result was not just an overwhelming bad vibe, but several people were admitted to the hospital and the police threatened to shut down the event. What this person was thinking, we will never know, but this is exactly the kind of thing we do NOT want to become a part of our community.

The decisions you make are yours and all that is being asked of you is that you make responsible ones, with not just yourself in mind, but with your friends, fellow concert attendees, car riders, and anyone else you may come in contact with. Use your head about what you do and where you do it. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you see something that takes away from the positive nature of the scene! You will be supported by everyone in the Perpetual Groove organization. And, hopefully by the fan standing next to you in the audience.

Lastly, we will not tolerate insolent behavior in the Perpetual Groove community, and you shouldn’t either. The very last thing we ever want to hear about is a fan finding his / herself in a bad situation because no one exercised the responsibility that may have prevented it from happening. Remember, prevention is better than a cure. We love all of you and only want the best for our fans, so please, let’s work together to keep this wonderful thing going for as long as we can!

With much love and respect,

Perpetual Groove


FOr some first hand accounts, check out Dirty Business @ Mountain View Jam

Anybody know this kid?

Here's some pics of the little eminem looking muthafugger (the kid in white)


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As much as I want to do some serious physical damage to the feep in question, what I really want to do is get him restrained, and ask him, "What the Hell were you thinking? Do you hate those around you that much, or did you actually think they'd be better off after you assaulted them?"

Do I want to see him punished? Yes. But I also want to come closer to understanding (if such a thing is possible) the mindset of someone who would commit such a heinous act.



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So I learned alot of new terminology from this thread like 'Walt Disney' must obviously be acid hence it's absence is upping the demand for designer synthetics. Not sure what 'fire acid' is though. I often think people in our scene are way too confident about their supply sources. In my experience being around on occasions large quantities of this stuff what someone says it is, what it actually is and what they think it is are often incongruous. So who's got my heady molly?

(Not to make too much of a joke about it, if this happened on my watch I'd be freaked but it sounded like they handled it well. On another note it's funny to hear Moonshine Still fans talking about travelling to see their shows and their repertoire. Reminds me of what insignificant hicks our bands are even by comparison. Except nero of course.)

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Found this on the potential drug:

with 3.0 mg, orally) "Just over an hour into it, some mild vomiting relieved my nausea and I began building into a wild ASC. With my eyes closed the cloud are rolling and I have strange imagery. I am going into a zombie place, my walk is a bit Frankensteinish, the piano keys are unreal, the typewriter keys are unreal -- music and text that comes out has little bearing on my intentions. The most fun was writing with the power off; no inhibitions, no record. Tried a bit with the power on, and this is an exact copy of what came out: what an alien keyboard - what will it produce? anilan alina anein alein alean ailean alain alein wow wowowowowow. The face on the lion's chair is many things, cheeks become boxing gloves, mouth talks but no words are evident, entertaining but not profound. Such mileage from just three milligrams of C, H, N & O. Obviously it is my own energy pool that has been tapped. Fourth hour, diarrhea again -- modest -- just symbolic. All through the last two hours -- in addition to the interpretive changes, there were wild visual distortions. Things tended to flow -- not bothersome -- but I know I couldn't drive a car.

And this.

One of my friends, we'll call him A, recently decided to try some 5meo-amt for the first time. He came to me asking if I knew anything about amt, and I showed him some trip reports on the web. I later found out that A had NEVER tripped before in his life. After showing him many reports, he decided that he wanted to try it, so one Monday evening he insufflates 12mg of 5meo-amt.

Time +:50 - Vomiting begins. A complains of stomach pains, but says he is fine otherwise, reports of strong visual patterns, extreme disembodyment, and small reoccuring seizures.

T +10:00 - Vomitting stops for a brief period, A complains of the lights being too bright (even though i had turned the lights off at his request no more than 2 minutes ago). I ask A what he is feeling, and he simply asked, 'Is this what tripping feels like?'

T +15:00 - A is now finally out of the bathroom. A complains he is not able to stand on his own, complains of being too cold and too hot at the same time. A then says ' There are too many gods today, we need to just decide on one god and keep it simple... everything has to be kept simple' This is the last thing I hear him say that makes any kind of sense.

T +30:00 - A begins to snap out of his trance like state, and is now able to stand on his own, he runs wildly around the apartment, yelling obscenities, punching the walls and trying to hit people who get in his way.

T +45:00 - A is no longer with us anymore.. he is in and out of consciousness, a few of my friends notice that his convulsions are becoming much worse.

T +90:00 - Unresponsive for about 30 minutes. We call his parents and rush him to the nearest hospital. On the way he is convulsing more and more.

Next day...

Doctors tell his family that hes so sedated he probably wont wake up for a few days. They also say that he has suffered so much brain damage he will probably NOT be the same after he wakes up... if he does wake up. This incident happened on 8.12.02, and I'm submitting this on 8.15.02... and as of now hes in the same condition, still asleep and waiting for everything to leave his system.... To those psychonauts out there... be careful with this stuff.

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