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Happy Birthday, MarcO!!!


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marker! happy birthday!!!!! oh how wonderful. hope you have a bigass party, you deserve every ounce of fun!

what are you and the lovely laurie doing for the big 2-4? izzy's izzy's izzy's izzy's izzy's izzy's izzy's, maybe? haha.

anyway, a HUGE happy birthday to one of the very bestest people i've ever met in my whole life. you rock. i'm so proud to be in the cult of you. thanks for all the laughs, and for being such a standup guy!

and gentlemonkey, no worries mang, i think a deliciously frothy drink of life is a perfect way to describe him!

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Aw shucks! :o

Yup, it's been thirty years and approximately nine months since a maniacal Scottish dude came home from the pub and mounted his good lady, planting the seed that would become the quivering, sweaty lump of gristle, bone, flesh and hair you see wobbling before you. I *still* don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but I'm watching paisley and esau closely, and taking notes! ::

Thanks for all the kind words, friends! With the Fatties and Wasabi scheduled for the July long weekend at CTMF, I'm sure you'll see Laurie and I there for that weekend, looking forward to it! As for this weekend, we chose to opt for a stay at a beautiful cottage up near Tobermory, relaxing and recharging our batteries, so please do puff one down for us at CTMF!

If any of the local bullies are interested, some of us are heading down to Ray's Boathouse on Dundurn, right around the corner from our place, tonight around 9-ish. We all have to work in the morning so we'll just be there for a couple of hours having a few pints, but please feel free to join us! I'll fight you out back for Paxil.


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hey hey!! :D

happy birthday to the robuster side of "Eye and Eye"!!!

Stu, the drummer from Creepin Chester, just rolled into town last night so I'll try and drag him over that direction tonight (though the long walk it be :o)

the 30s are nice as you get to drop most of your indecision... can finally go pro

recommend you crank up "Dr. Rock" and do the Elaine Benise around the office pointing at yourself with wide raving eyes during each chorus

happy birthday Mr. MarcO :: ;) ::

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