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"Three grown men clinging to one another on a scooter. What could be a more playful scenario than that? Of course by “playful”, I mean, “really fucking creepy”. They’re not even wearing helmets, and that sends a bad message. By the look of them, they may be the type who wear helmets on a daily basis and were offered an extra helping of paste for behaving while sans helmet. There was a slap fight when they all wanted to be the driver, but that was solved with a crayon-eating contest. Now Jimmy is driver, Mikey is the meat in a retard sandwich, and Feepo is left with crayon breath.

At some point today, something will fall from a high place and hit me on the head. I will be left with the mental faculties of a three year old, setting me back approximately one year from my present state. I will deserve it for the things I have said."

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