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Swamp-Country-Surf Sensations Hamilton Debut!!!


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Sunday July 4

@ Casbah

306 King St W @ Queen



with guests

Tickets $15 at Sonic Unyon, Dr.Disc, Screamin' Mimi's, Puttin' on the Ritz & The Casbah Lounge beginning May 24th.

CHAPEL HILL, NC: People, get ready for the "soon-to-be-famous" SCOTS Mojo Box – 13 naturally and hygienically-distilled slabs of sound. Listen up, for the essence of life, luck and love, will be illuminated to YOU. YOUR good fortune awaits - don't hesitate! Let the righteous sound guide YOU to the seat of YOUR sexual power and help YOU get in touch with YOUR hidden money attractor.

Songs, potions and spells are all the same thing – they mess with your head, get stuck in your craw, make you feel good, make you feel bad. You can chant the words over and over 'til you feel hypnotized or energized. I ask you: How many times have your actions and thoughts been influenced by song? How many times has a beat (especially rock 'n' roll) changed your mood or set off some primitive urge (like dancin' or sex!!!)? How many times have you listened to a tune before a hot date or a big game to pump up the confidence necessary for an extraordinary performance - the kind of performance that will impress friends, colleagues and the opposite sex??!!.

Fear not good people, 'cause Southern Culture on the Skids has concocted 13 brand new "potions" and put 'em in a box – a Mojo Box - for your listening pleasure and spiritual well-being. Beware! The magic in these grooves is gonna make you wanna move!!!


The analog elixirs contained in Mojo Box find SCOTS workin' a mixed bag of swamp pop, garage, R&B and monkey-paw surf. Geographically speakin', the musical mileage swings from Mary Huff's fat NOLA bass line in "Smiley Yeah Yeah Yeah" to the Mason-Dixon fuzz-rock the band unleashes on their take of "Biff Bang Pow" (when is the last time you heard a band cover '60s rockers The Creation?) to drummer Dave Hartman's steady, Stonesy rhythms on "It's All Over But the Shoutin'." As always, Rick's trashy guitars are turned up, out front and all over, awash in deep reverb and throbbing tremolo. And if ya dig the garbage guitar, check out the hoodoo grind of the title track "Mojo Box," along with "69 El Camino," "The Wet Spot" and "Swamp Fox." Rick even cranks out some slide guitar licks on the calypso-flavored "Sweet Spot."

And when you hear the singin', you'll agree that the vocals on Mojo Box are the best yet from SCOTS. Mary and Rick have been singing together since 1987 and it shows. "Where is the Moon Tonight," "I Want a Love" and "Doublewide" all showcase their unique ability to blend country harmonies and lyrical themes with garage-rock sound and surf-style guitar, without sounding forced, obvious or - worst of all - Nashville! "Hillbilly surf?" Yeah, why not? For all the Mary fans, Miss Huff steps up and sings "Fire of Love" in smoldering style and splits the lead vocals with Rick on the backyard party tune, "Soulful Garage."

SCOTS can't help but be a walking, talking storybook of Southern folkways. Formed in 1985 in Chapel Hill, NC, where Miller earned an art degree at UNC, SCOTS debuted with an EP (Voodoo Beach Party). They've subsequently released seven long players: Southern Culture on the Skids (1986), Too Much Pork for Just One Fork (1990), For Lovers Only (1992), Ditch Diggin' (1994), Dirt Track Date (1995), Plastic Seat Sweat (1997) and Liquored Up and Lacquered Down (2000). Now comes Mojo Box!

Raised in Henderson, NC, Miller comes by his countrified credentials honestly, as his father ran a mobile-home factory. He also spent part of his childhood in California, which explains how high-reverb surf guitar and Creedence Clearwater Revival's swamp-rock became audible influences in his writing and playing. Drummer Dave Hartman and bassist Mary Huff are old friends who grew up in Roanoke, Virginia.

Mojo Box was recorded and mixed by the band and Mark Williams outside Chapel Hill, NC at Rick's studio, the "Kudzu Ranch," a big, old cinderblock garage out in the country (the previous owner actually built muscle cars in the same room the bands record in!) It's a big room and you can really hear it on tape. Mark and Rick used plenty of creative mic techniques on the instruments to capture the room sounds. The result is a recording with the edge and presence of the band's live show. Most all the tracking was done to a 16-track, 2-inch tape machine at 15 IPS, and the entire project was mixed to half-inch analog tape. Tube and ribbon mics were the mics of choice for Mojo Box, as were API and NEVE preamps. Yes, folks! Only the best "natural" ingredients available were used in the making of Mojo Box. It is just what the doctor ordered. Listen twice daily and repeat as necessary.

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