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So I have a big problem...


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Well, remember awhile ago, I posted that I was in desperate need of a ride to the Shaker? Many of you said that there was "lots of time", and that I "shouldn't worry"? Well, 10 days to go, CTMF on the horizon, and guess who still doesn't have a ride? That's right, it's me... Everyone I talk to now has their rides set, hotels, etc. all taken care of... Me? Worried sick and still rideless... Anyone out there still have any free space? It's me, a small backpack, and, if there's room, a tent and cooler. I would love to see The Slip in Montreal, but at this point as long as I make it to the Shaker, I'll be happy... Cash for gas, lots of treats ;), and lots of good conversation to offer in return... I have to be back to work Tuesday, June 1st at 3:00pm... So no rush to get back... Please e-mail me at phishhead420@hotmail.com or reply here if you can help me out... Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated... Thanks...

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del-head, earthfreak and I are driving out in her volvo with a stop in Montreal on the way

i'm guessing we could squeeze you in, as it's a pretty big car!

can you get to Peterborough/Oshawa for Thursday morning?

freak is WAY up north and set to return on Friday

email her, as I'm not sure if anyone else is joining us at this point.

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