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Ambassador From Mars


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Ambassador From Mars Receives 181,634 Spam Emails - Says

Wed May 19, 9:00 AM ET

(PRWEB) May 19, 2004 -- Somewhere in America - On a secret mission from Mars, Ambassador Husmaphilpi arrived here last week to offer our world their most valuable commodity, The Reversable Anorak, in exchange for a two years supply of Golden Grahams (which at this time they do not have the license to produce).

Says Ambassador Husmaphilpi, "All I did was post my email address on one of your Internet Notice Boards with the official Martian greeting (ie, Take Me To Your Leader). Well, not only did I NOT get a reply from your President, instead I received 181,634 spam emails asking me for my bank and credit card details. I knew immediately that this was a fraud, because that's what my wife used to do whilst I was at work. Anyway, now she's doing 15 to 20......it was a total shock ..... although it saved me a fortune in divorce costs .... but I still love her..... (contd on page 99, problems page)

So, back to the story.....Mr Elwin Bagaaaaaaha, from the planet Saturn who would give his address only as "Hanger 47 somewhere in Nevada" was not amused at this snub to a fellow alien and said the Ambassador should have gone to dotWORLDS (www.dotworlds.net) as they alone could have prevented this travesty.

Mr Bagaaaaaaha, (who arrived here by starship in the year 1743) is one of a growing band of Earth residents using dotWORLDS domain names unspammable email addresses. With over 26 million .com domain names currently registered, many to speculators, he found relevant and memorable names were almost impossible to find. As a highly intelligent being, he realised that dotWORLDS has now released a very large range of potential domain names to the Internet to provide unlimited possibilities for all those who want personalization and easy-to-remember options.

Unfortunately however, back on Mars, news of the Ambassador's treatment on Earth was not being taken well (Mars is not a place you want to be anywhere near when something like this happens). To try and quell the growing unrest and rioting in Slemelvoster (the capital of Mars), Mr Bagaaaaaaha immediately presented Ambassador Husmaphilpi with a signed picture of Jessica Simpson and his very own dotWORLDS email address "edward @ambassador.mars".

Now, edward @ambassador.mars can email president @the.whitehouse, and ask him about Breakfast Cereal Technology. He may not get the leader of America (he might only get a specialist monthly magazine), but there is no way Ambassador Edward Husmaphilpi is ever going get any more spam emails.

So, Earthlings, get with the programme and you could be responsible for peace in the universe and the first ever Trade Agreement between the Earth and Mars. Go to www.dotworlds.net today, join the growing band of converts and get there FIRST!

dotWORLDS (www.dotworlds.net) building on the success of their Internet Communities is now giving away all their "Personality" domain names completely free to encourage more users to come aboard. Some of the totally free domain names currently on offer are ".cool", ".sexy", .genius and many more. To get these free domain names, simply visit www.dotworlds.net and select the "Personality" Radio Button for the complete list

Big News:

dotWORLDS spam free email system, currently being upgraded, will enable dotWORLDS domain owners to communicate both with each other and the outside world. Crucially however, the system has been designed to ensure that outside world of spam will not be able to reach any dotWORLDS domains. dotWORLDS looks now to be the only true spam free system around. See dotWORLDS website for full details. Free plug in required to view domains. Free unlimited and unspammable email addresses for every domain name as standard.

dotWORLDS Ltd is a UK company based in London that specializes in providing fully personalized internet domains and email addresses, offering the widest range, both free and paid, through its global infrastructure. Please see website for full details.


Press Office


+44 (0) 870 749 4178



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