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Important news about the loss of a stunning venue.


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I just got the call today.

Elements is to be closed indefinitely.

however, i think that's pretty definite.

This blows...it's my birthday and i lose my job and all the stresses that go with it...so it's not SO bad...anyone got a job they need done?

Rob for Hire!!

anyhow, sorry to all those that were looking forward to good times at the club before i left but no more club.

maybe i should snag some booze.


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hey Rob, definately shitty news, but im not really surprised... just didnt think it'd happen so fast. i figured the shit would go down after you left.

i wanna say thanks for bringing such great bands to london. you did a great job, my friend. provided us many a great nght of listening/dancing enjoyment.

i agree with what the king said... london doesnt know a good thing when it sees it.

so, now what? where does that leave the london music scene? back in the hands of the mighty bacchus lounge? lord knows CTO doesnt give much of a shit about "jambands" besides Burt and the Fatties...

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i know tony's not the easiest guy to deal with regarding new music and "hippies"... if its new music with an attitude (ie: punk bands, harder bands), i hear its a lot easier... but thats just from talkin to some folks here and there over the years... nothin concrete, i suppose...

bacchus does seem to be the next logical spot... but, there's got to be SOMEWHERE else, with a decent atmosphere, looking for great bands to fill the stage...

i never really gave the promotion company much thought before, but, now who's gonna bring music to london? maybe we should sit down for a pint or 2, scottie... haha...

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aw rob that is a bummer, i'm basically echoing everybody else i guess but really a sincere thanks for your efforts, i hope you had some fun along the way! i've only been in london for, well 9 months almost, but i had plenty of good times and met some pretty cool people courtesy of elements. heard some pretty fun music too!!! so again - thank you rob - building a name for a place can really take a while, and unfortunately there just wasn't enough time.

best of luck with your next adventure! ::

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keep in mind that he shut down stonehenge a month and a half after that first Grand Theft Bus show in November.

i tried something completely different and nobody was curious enough to be able to notice that London actually had something interesting.

too bad nobody gave the town enough credit. i had some optimism and realism.

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Hey CB, sorry to hear that :( I'd always thought that if I made the trek out to London, I'd have somewhere to stop in and check out. It really sucks that booking/promoting a club is such a thankless job. As booker of the Comfort Zone on and off for the better part of 3 years, I think I understand the love/hate relationship you probably had with your job. No matter how much you do and how exhausted you become, there's still always more promotion you could do. And at the Zone, the coatcheck person was making as much as the booker, but had to take no responsibility for the success or failure of the shows. From talking to one of the owners at Healey's, I realize also that many club owners expect the club to be filled every night of the week. Unfortunately, live bands don't get nearly the respect they deserve in this day and age, with beats and DJs raking in the bucks with stiff cover charges. Why it's difficult to get $5 cover for a live band, but dance clubs fill up at $20 a pop is beyond me.

Anyway, I'm rambling, but I just wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts in bringing more live music to SW Ontario, and giving touring bands a safe haven to stop at along the way.

Good luck in all your future endeavours and enjoy your summer and all your new found time off in the meantime ::

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Sorry to hear the sad news CB... at least you tried.

We in Vancouver tried to buy the Side Door when it was going under... but the former owners dug too deep a hole for us to work our way out of.

It's amazing to me how many dumbasses have survived in this industry.

Keep on givin'er my friend... just find another outlet for your well aimed efforts!!


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