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There are no birthdays today


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Brad, you're b-day means something tho!

January 2nd...Its the first day back to work after the holidays, everyone is partied out, tired, grumpy and broke...no one remembers because they are now thinking about the winter months ahead AND I only get Happy Birthday/Merry X-mas gifts....its something that I have had to deal with for my ever! ;)

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How so?

Well, my B-day is January 2nd !!

No, it isn't: it's been moved to May 21. Actually, let's not make it a specific day-of-the-month, but make it the Friday right before the Victoria Day Weekend.

(And if I had known today was your birthday, I probably would have shown up last night. Happy ZimmyDay!)


BRAD (Birthday Relocation & Adjustment Dept.)

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People on May 21st: birthdates

Mr. T: 1952 (is 52 in 2004, 53 in 2005)

TV/Movie Actor, Wrestler, Cartoon Voicist, b. in Chicago; celebrity bodyguard 70s; The A-Team's Sgt. Bosco (B.A.) Baracus, Mister T star, T and T's T.S. Turner, Rocky III's Clubber Lang;

Mike Barson: 1958 (is 46 in 2004, 47 in 2005)?

New Wave Keybordist, Pianist, of Madness; some say b. Apr 21, 1958 (is 46 in 2004)

Nick Cassavetes: 1959 (is 45 in 2004, 46 in 2005)


Bill Champlin: 1947 (is 57 in 2004, 58 in 2005)

Musician, of Chicago

Al Franken: 1951 (is 53 in 2004, 54 in 2005)

Comedian, Comedy Writer, TV Producer, Author, Saturday Night Live reg 1976-80 & freq guest aka Stuart "Daily Affirmation" Smalley

John Galvin: 1955 (is 49 in 2004, 50 in 2005)

Rock & Roll Performer, Keyboardist, of Molly Hatchet

Havoc: 1974 (is 30 in 2004, 31 in 2005)

Rap Performer, of Mobb Deep

Bill Holman: 1927 (is 77 in 2004, 78 in 2005)

Songwriter, Tenor-sax

Ronald Isley: 1941 (is 63 in 2004, 64 in 2005)

HALL OF FAMER, Soul Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Isley Brothers lead, Steve Harvey Show's Pretty Tony

Timothy Lever: 1961 (is 43 in 2004, 44 in 2005)

Rock & Roll Keyboardist, Saxophonist, British, of Dead or Alive

Stan Lynch: 1955 (is 49 in 2004, 50 in 2005)

Rock & Roll Drummer, of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Christian McBride: 1972 (is 32 in 2004, 33 in 2005)

Jazz Musician

Carol Potter: 1948 (is 56 in 2004, 57 in 2005)

TV Actress, Soap Actress, Today's FBI, Beverly Hills 90210's Cindy Walsh,

Judge Reinhold: 1957

TV/Movie Actor, Beverly Hills Cop, Fast Times at Ridgemont High;

Leo Sayer: 1948 (is 56 in 2004, 57 in 2005)

Pop Singer, Songwriter, Harmonicaist, English,

Hilton Valentine: 1943 (is 61 in 2004, 62 in 2005)

Rock & Roll Guitarist, British, of The Animals

Can you really say its no ones birthday when both screen legend and world class thespian MR. T was born today as well as the man the myth the legend Leo Sayer who was also born on this day.


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it's tom donahue's birthday too.

who's that? he's on my grateful dead calendar.

From his History of Rock entry:

As a disc jockey at San Francisco FM radio station KMPX, Tom Donahue created America's first alternative radio programming in 1967. By playing album cuts, reintroducing live radio broadcasts, and utilizing the airwaves as a true public service to its listeners, Donahue founded "underground radio."



P.S. Google search results for 'tom donahue'.

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