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You Toronto Heads Missed The Boat...


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Here's a short write up for those interested.

Well, as you all know and probably aren't interested about, Cavern opened. To be honest, this was the first time I'd seen them since March and they were quite good. Seth jammed with them for a tune and it was a pretty climactic, rock jam. The rest of their set was all original tunes. I remember one pop song and a funk song, but it was enjoyable. Nothing spectacular, but definitly enjoyable.

Seth Yac on the other hand was spectacular. He played two long sets and an encore. Covered Like A Hurricane, Hey Bulldog (to my request), Roll Another Number and a Black Sabbath tune. His music is similar to Gov't Mule, but a little less heavy and more bluesy. His playing is nothing short of virtuosic. The guy is just giving it ALL he has every song, emanating pure emotion from his sound. He's also a pretty darn good singer too. Not very much sugued jamming, but each song definitly was stretched out and improvised. Along with that, he's a stand up guy, and really grateful about finally playing Canada.

In my opinion, the best show I've seen in Toronto this year and tied with Sharon Jones for best show of 2004 so far. It was that good.

Unfortunately, there were 55 people there and many were Cavern fans that left early. Maybe 15-20 remained till the end, but got rewarded with the Hey Bulldog closer and the Roll Another Number encore. Just incredible.

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A good promoter knows when not to book shows.

You and Marky know that CTMF and Shaker were in the upcoming weeks...

I wanted to go. The funds stopped me from doing so. Gas ain't cheap these days. I'd wanted to see him. Why didn't you guys book him to CTMF? Friday night. One day later?

I understand if he has a gig somewhere else tonight, thats why. But, as far as his exposure, and our entertainment, tonight would have been much better.

Anyways, i hope Marky doesn't give up on a few lost shows...just thinks things through on dates....

Its like someone booking a big show through the July 1st long weekend, with Wassabi, Fat Cats, and possibly a few other big bands...

Sorry shain it didnt work out....but just chalk it up as experience.


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May is a tough month in general. Festivals take precedent, and with due reason. He'll be back in the fall, no doubt and hopefully play more markets.

The reason why CTMF didn't happen for him was b/c he is playing FARMABALOO in Ohio today. another fest.

enjoy this weekend. I wish I could be there. ah!

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As long as Marky isn't suffering to hard and you're both taking it on the chin I think it's a positive. It takes a lot to break a new market and few bands are up for the for lack of a better word 'humiliation' of playing to sparse crowds. Drums and Tuba had a good ethic about playing as often as they can if that meant bum gigs, but I think it burned them out on Canada. Likewise the Slip had one negative experience playing Toronto and say Kingston and it soured them on touring anything other than the major centres- which to them means Montreal. It's hard to say what to do as a promoter, if you want to get behind something that's unproven it's admirable but you can't expect a throng of people the first time out. I highly suspect if Seth comes back he'll be greeted by a far better reception and he'll be loyal to you for getting behind him.

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yup, i think you kinda summed it up kung.

besides draw is hard in this town. i'm not sure if i agree with totally saturating a live market, unless you have the talent to back it up ie. kevin breit.

I was thinking of heading down to see Seth - something told me he was probably gonna rock - but had to jam, for my show tonight , which will probably be a fairly light draw, its a busy weekend, long weekends are always tenuous...

I look forward to seeing Seth next time he comes through town, Shain/Marky keep up the promoting, we need you, it will be a tough road though ;)

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This post was totally meant in a joking manner. I'm not calling anyone here an idiot. More sarcasm taking precedence here, but my message got misconstrued.

It was a successful night all and all. I'm not talking about the success of Mark's work or anything in this point, just expressing how good the show was. It was one of those nights that takes you for a loop and doesn't let you go, and I wanted to express that.

I apologize if you think I personally called you an idiot. I wish you could transmit sly sarcasm online, but ah well. Also Greg, I know I'm an idiot for missing CTMF, but I gotta work all weekend. Trust me, there is no place I'd rather be.

Jokes are getting harder and harder to transmit over this board. Seth will be back, he had a great time and was grateful of the ppl that supported his first CDN show, like any intro market show. It was a successful night all in all. That was never the intent of this post.

okay, I'm done.

Last thing; I was not the promoter. I had nothing to do with it. It was all Mark. Just a fan last night.

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Never thought you to be an idiot Shain,take it as ya want.Also,adding emoticons after the fact doesnt make it sarcasm or a joke,although I guess it conveys that to the people who haven't read the post pre-emoticon/sarcasm/joke.

Oh well...I read it pre-emoticon. ::

I didnt take it personally,just read you calling folks "idiots" for not showing up...

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